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We provide customize designing and printing services. You can have any design printed on your wallpaper. We are using high quality 270-510 gsm wallpapers to get your items printed. These are very durable and have a long life. For printing purposes, we use highly efficient printing machines which provide high resolution effects.  We are providing free designing services to our clients. Perhaps we are the only company in the large format printing industry who is providing free designing services to the clients. We have a dedicated team of designers who are professional equipped with experience and exposure of worldwide professional designing tools and creative artwork. Our customers have all the praises for us for our designing services. Our customer support team will keep you engaged until you are satisfied on the final design of your required items. You can have your items redesigned even hundred times and we will not charge you a single penny for these services. You need to pay only once you approve the final proof.

Moreover you can have these wallpapers printed in customized sizes as well. We are providing wallpapers of maximum 10 feet in height and 165 feet in length. Through its large and wider size, you can imagine as to how much bigger printing you can get. If you need wallpapers of more than 165 feet of length, we can join two or more wallpaper together to provide you a single print out. Furthermore, if you need wallpaper of any size, we can design and print for you. Our operations team is highly capable; they have professional experience and exposure of fulfilling all sorts of your printing needs. These wallpapers are meant to be used for indoor purposes only. They can be cleaned up quite easily.

We have a highly reliable customer support which will guide you on your designing and printing needs. For customized settings, you can have your one wall printed with different artwork and graphics and have the other wall printed with different artwork and graphics. Within different places of your home, you can have different wallpapers. For instance, children room requires wallpapers having Disney art printed on them and a living room has a different requirement for wall papers. Same goes for different places at offices, within customers waiting area there would be different wallpapers needed and within offices there are requirements for different wallpapers. Moreover for symposiums and conferences according to occasions customized wallpapers are designed and printed.

Our designing team has a track record of creating such a different, beautiful and wonderful graphics and arts. You can have special effects in your wallpapers; moreover you can decide whether you want to have a bright looking wall paper printed with brighter colours or dull looking wallpaper.

You can contact our customer support anytime during office hours through a live chat window, through an email or a phone call. Our operating hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You will envisage a very reliable and professional customer support.

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We are the first wallpaper printing company that prints wallpapers that are totally customized. Our design team is able to create wallpapers which are totally unique and made bespoke with your images. These wallpapers are designed free of charge and you only pay once you approve the design. We also have a large selection of wallpapers, in various categories, from which you can select wallpaper. We are also one of the few companies that can print wallpapers in a single piece up to 10ft in height and 160ft wide. Check out our range of wallpapers or join us on chat to get a custom wallpaper printed.