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Does your child love the gorgeous and magical long hair of Rapunzel or wanted to be a princess like her? Have our tangled wallpapers to have a great look for your child's place. Take your decorating adventure to new lengths with our custom Tangled wall Murals. Lie back, gaze out at the beautiful lantern-lit scene with Rapunzel, and let your hair down. Perfect for fans of Disney's Tangled, or for any children's wallpaper, this Tangled wall Art is, without a doubt, the perfect addition to any bedroom decor. We have an amazing collection to match your taste. We have mind blowing stills from the best scenes from the movie. You have the freedom to customize your favorite image because we offer free design services as well. Order your Tangled themed wallpapers and murals today and take your home decor game to the next level!

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We are the first wallpaper printing company that prints wallpapers that are totally customized. Our design team is able to create wallpapers which are totally unique and made bespoke with your images. These wallpapers are designed free of charge and you only pay once you approve the design. We also have a large selection of wallpapers, in various categories, from which you can select wallpaper. We are also one of the few companies that can print wallpapers in a single piece up to 10ft in height and 160ft wide. Check out our range of wallpapers or join us on chat to get a custom wallpaper printed.